Lies of Triumph

Lush and vibrant exploding flowers

whiling away these precoius hours

drowning in wonders of your scent

my children will all be forced to repent.

Bare feet glide cross tall grass

the age of man has come to pass

sunkissed skin of hazel hue

I wish to forever die with you.

Though the serpent lurks in leaves

our father for our wantonness grieves

a second chance we all shall gain

when his child bears our pain.

Singing with the bubbling brook

forgetting lies he has forsook

to gain a legion of the fallen

nature's will comes a' callin.

Trees forever breathing deep

listing secrets I wish to keep

bearing fruit that is our end

though if we thirst only depends

on whether we wish to follow decrees

like the queens worker bees

that revel in our naked joy

falling victim to the creators ploy

dont blame him, he's just a boy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes garden. Im such a heathen lol

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