There is no spoon

In the convex silver

lies a pair of coal

black eyes shrouded in

the utter perplexity of

finding themselves enraptured

by another pair of emerald greens

as if they'd never been seen before.

Wishing to break the veil

to touch the beguiling stranger within

as he smiles grimly knowing

his days in his sliver of sefety

are numbered and swiftly falling

towards destruction encased

by his counterparts heedless fist.

I'll never really understand

why this spiritually emaciated

figure that bears my resemblance

yet is nothing of my likeness

decides to spend his worthless life

trapped in a metal box

faking smiles for an audience

of one lonely man

thats forgotten his name

that resides within

inky deadpools.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes mirror

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