Asleep in Winter

Your lips, oh how they freeze me.

Pulling me slowly, intertwining

with frosty arms and lusty breath

I'm softly slipping away

into the cold echoes of nothingness.

I'm laid gently in this osseous coffin

as identical snowflakes alight on

newly overturned earth part of

this inheritance I never wanted

and begrudingly accepted to assuage

your fears that I was leaving forever.

But I know I never could

for the cold is all I remember

that could numb the agony

brought about by unrequited love.

Your eyes, how they shatter me.

I'm your greatest work of art

a statue of ice and greed

yet you hate me with blazing ardor

as I will never belong to you

because your muse was stolen

by another wintry wraith

whose soul is lost

sold for two cents

no-one wants to hear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes cold embrace.

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