To sow the seeds of discord

one must find a worker bee

whose fake title begins with D

whose dabbling in his dreams

never traveled past the boundaries

of wondering why they existed

in the first place.

Vibrant colors and alluring scents

are all thats needed to ensnare

the one who too often indulges

in his base senses in lieu of

building a future of relevance.

You wish to spread your love

to the recessed corners of your life

yet are met with dirisive laughter

as to folly of believing one

would willingly recieve such notions

is equalled only by the vanity of

the one who belives life

is naught but a dirty joke

awkwardly told by the deacon.

So when the first frost creeps forth

and your home lies cold and bare

remember that the end of your life

is no time for making enemies

of the one who holds

the golden keys of eternity.

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