Face of Infinity


We claim to know the face of infinity

looks like the neighbor cross the way

we claim to know the divine penaly

if off the beaten path we stray

If I secede from the majority

horned one gains another soul

banishment from feedning off the sacred tree

Dont belive everything I'm told


We drown all the stars

we burn and we kill

war machine wont stutter

till its gotten its fill


the pious and meek

shall inherit the earth

yet they never will know

a second chance's worth




The sky is our shadow

convex and benign

dont be disappointed

when the sun no more shines


dont covet thy neighbor

covet thyself

the backs of our forefathers

luxurious pelts




When they all disappear

and we're left with the dregs

we'll learn if our dreams

ever had sturdy legs


so touch my heart

with your holy hand

and I might reconsider

if I want to understand


that you are truly evil

propped up by paper lies

and you wont hesitate

to smite me like flies


I'll laugh in your face

and earn more comuppance

I'll die in disgrace

cuz I aint your puppet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

heathening it up wiith a song from way be=ack, fleshed it out a bit

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