The death of a blazing power

that believed itself unsurpassed

in might and karmic tenure

found out its beliefs were skewed

and its creator knew of the folly

that resisded in its white-hot core.

For though it lived for eons

giving reason for the emptiness

known to hold the deams of

the innocent and forsaken alike

time held no special place in

its stone heart for the wanton

whims of those meant to claim

memories of its children as its own.

So after giving life all this time

it destroyed its favored creations

in a beautiful cataclysm of

energy and colors better used

to fuel the vice of the infinitesimal

as they drove headlong into self-destruction.

After the loss of love

it became what it vowed to never be

a stealer of all once held dear

a theif of light

and those who need it.

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