I often wonder if I'm doing

whe thing noble men would pursue

though the fear of imminent failure

pervades my waking moments.

the line between selflessness

and being taken advantage of

is so very thin it waves in the wake

of babies' breath as it slumbers

and prepares for a life of toil.

I want to live a life of victory

asking myself what men much

better and of surer foot than I

would perform when given a choice

that would shape the perception

of their moral standing and

constitution of will.

Second guessing every move

analyzing my mistakes with an

unforgiving eye and sinking wracked claws

into the middle of my quarry

the nimble and savvy animal

known to many as truth.

So I'll remain a narcissist

believing that everyone cares that

I dont care enough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

arises often. Also a good song by System of a Down.

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