Is Mayonnaise an instrument?

Even though being a nerd

is now accepted and somewhat celebrated

some spit the moniker with venom

decrying what they dont understand.

For when we are overrun by machines

fueled by the avarice of their creators

who reside in cumulonimbae

only one with intimate knowledge

of the loneliness that accompanies

giftedness like a lovesick puppy

will save us all.

The tone will shift into major key

and sing the glories of our ancestors

forever changed by the obelisk

that stands its silent vigil in

the caves where art was born.

For we become obsolete when

our hubris outpaces our gratitude

that magic resides in our minds

just begging for a slight of hand

to reveal itself to a captive audience

whose tickets were bought off scalpers.

So laugh, laugh when you have your time

on the verdant fields of glory and loss

for later I will be your taskmaster.

Building the future of the damned.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

why do fancy pants have to be highwaters?

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