3 Maxed Stats

I lurk in the shadows, utilize a sneak bonus

daring to slay the ones who aim to own us

symphony of blood my magnum opus

free to break free 'fore they Al Capone us

mana rushing through these frozen veins

spells cans unto Lovecraftian beasts to be tamed

I walk on  water and endure rabid flames

that whisper so loud that I'm insane

a blade in my hand, metal wings on my back

soar through the air avoiding the flak

drunk on power like I'm in Godsmack

never too slow to defend, too quick to attack

your arrows may fly but wont peirce the skin

the pain brings naught but a bloodied old grin

I'm unstoppable, kiliing your party much to your chagrin

coming after your fears when you respawn again

concocting love potions to steal all your wenches

slip on shadowcloaks to hide from your henchmen

strength abounds from me but I aint hit the benches

theiving your possesions like an army of Grinches

useless to most, treasure to one

the fair beauty who's love eclipses the sun

she runs from me for just a bit of fun

my time as a clanleader has just begun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love vidya games

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