Falling in a sleeping sky

molten wings dripping burning hot

scorching this wind whipped flesh

reveling in divine agony.

Tricked again by the savvy fox

selling naive dreamers their doom

bounty spilling from broken wishes

that blazing stars can be felt

and answers bestowed upon this

tired brow toiling for another chance

at dying much too early.

For the ground rushes up quick

when all discernment softly slips away

for a second of ill-gotten happiness

man was never meant to enjoy

yet base beasts survive upon.

Frozen breath is pilfered form heaving lungs

as the vexing truth dawns

befuddling one supposed to have insight

into the metaphysical minutiae

many contemplate while intoxicated

but few truly understand.

For eternity is naught but a second life

brought about by a beautiful mistake

as insane as its plentiful offspring

who pretend to truly know

what it is all about.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

namasay namasah namakusah

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