Blazing inferno writhing wild

streaks the sky for a thousand miles

blistered skin burning black

I feel no pain all the while

betrayal pierced this saddened heart

sanity had no choice but to depart

holy weapon locked in hand

knew it'd end this way from the start

static pulses of deadened lives

nothing more for me to strive

sleep calls me like a forgotton flame

reminding me I shouldnt be alive.

Frosted tears fall from the sky

twinkling with all your tainted lies

spread to spare this tired soul

and mind the devils herb has fried.

Red in my eyes, blue bated breath

muscles torn from unlucky heft

dementia sinks her fangs so deep

and brings about your untimely death.

Another day lost to the moon

warbled song no longer crooned

awaken to a muddy room

in which thy laughter fortells my doom

born again much too soon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not good

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