Sweet Heat

Sweet baby girl you set my heart alight

your voice an immaculate chorus

when we leave this place our souls will take flight

escaping those that seek to destroy us.

Ive a yearning desire to hold you close

to shelter you throught the storms of night

youve more exhilarating beauties than most

especially when you smile joyful and bright.

An inferno of compassion strives to break free

and consume you in thier lifegiving heat

the shadows and darkness have no choice but to flee

when you kiss me slowly and hungry and deep.

It seems that our love will stand the test of time

everlasting and wonderful as the raging sun

and though I feel the weight of my lifechanging crime

you make me feel as if my lifes just begun.

Strawberry fields and lavender dreams

the wonders of finding a reason to live

I ask myself why, even though it seems

I've nothing more in this hollow heart to give.

You are my fire, I am the earth

together we give reason for humanity's vice

the day we came together I forgot all the hurt

and instead revel joyfully in your sugar and spice.

The reason I wrote poems thrice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm such a sap.

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