As you sit before me

uncaring as the blind babe

I spill forth the words

with which my lies were made.

I saved myself with sin

that I can never reconcile

though I'm not sure if

I wish I could.

The soul torn asunder

and drowned in black blood

of the champion of my growth

will never be made whole again.

Instead the pieces will float away

in a writhing sea of mistakes

made by men much nobler than I.

Taking for granted the blessings

bestowed upon me by a caring universe

and forgetting my lessons of truth

instilled in my mind as I slept

was my greatest undoing.

For though I say I'm normal

such people dont usually hate with

a violent fervor that could

destroy all they could be.

Am I broken, or your vision shattered?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

told my girl the story of how all my shit went down. She didnt seem to care.

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