Diatribe on Control

vicelike grip around my skull

steel and leather mask of hate

falling into irreversible pull

of what was never meant to be my fate.

I slave away for the Man

freedom stolen from my grasp

I'll run away as soon as I can

and follow nothing till my final gasp.

words never meant to see the light of day

a child born to forever lose

there was a time I thought I was gay

but was told I was just a bit confused.

Can you see it? The blood red sun

hiding from these prying hands

I'll die in consummation like the famous Hun

who never bowed to their demands

instead I'll break the velvet ropes

tied around these feet so sore

and touch the burning, fervent hope

that eludes my heart forevermore.

Pus filled boils, scraggly scars

the pain of belonging to those despised

soon I'll implode like the elder stars

and give away my future lives.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one sux.

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