Alas, earwax.

As the grew into the hero

he never believed he could be

he wondered if the pain endured was worth it

if he could defy his destiny.

Sneaking round the castle halls

falling into victory

he never asked for a bit of glory

wishing for faded memories

guided by the lord benign

running from a tarnished past

his blood with the evil one entwined

desparate forces against him massed.

His fear was that he'd lose his soul

while fighting for loved ones lives

in the end his life made whole

when he knew he could no longer hide

from why he was so celebrated

when nothing else could be done

and the times when he felt lost and hated

burning neath an evil sun.

He faught and won, a victor true

a path no others could ever follow

traitorous wand from blood hewn

keeper of the deathly hallows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

harry potter was a great series to grow up on, even if the magic system made no sense.

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