I dont want to shake the world

I just want to get my own

into the sky my body's hurled

the verdant springtime I make my home

I've just been born a mile away

searching for my lifes reason

I'll make the most of this beautiful day

for death is imminent in this season.

I sup on nectar, thank the makers

that my broken eyes caught light this morn

and though I know theyre also takers

I revel in chance to make my blood bourne

by a second chance of gifts galore

making music sweet and scared

I've lived this life of hardship before

when in loves trap I'd been ensnared

so I fly high into the blue

survey my green and vibrant kingdom

though I'm a serf, I feel its true

that victorious life I'll again bring them.

So dont pity me, oh longlifed man

I'm the free one, the spry mayfly

I'll be born again by Gods right hand

never searching for a place to die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dont you hate it when you say something and nothing happens, then someone else says the same thing and everyone laughs?

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