Ready for consumtpion

If I sell out will you shell out?

or will you cut off my lying hands?

Will you say our lawyers fell out

while I caved in to your demands?

Will I forget what art is

while chasing the almighty dollar

will you cover where my heart is

wile I claw at this studded collar?

If all my songs are in major keys

and my writings are diluted

will my bank account be forever seized

or my children more widely distributed?

If I self publish will I be edgy

or will I simply fall in line

if I'm bland like blanched veggies

will I stand the test of time?

Was Zappa just a fluke

or a champion of his time

were his radio waves on mute

as he penned his scathing rhymes?

If I'm ready for consumption

will you devour my chocolate flesh

or will you keep me hunting

for the answer to society's test?

A question never guessed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some foolish rhymes. Used the word will waaaaay too much

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