Dead Jesus Rodeo (under all yall heads)

Enveloping blackness strangling silent

crusty eyes glued shut by rusty tongues

the rage inside burning cold and skittish

sweat pouring off broken promises

soaking this stolen mantle

perfumed by the blood of the guilty.

Am I another?

tattoos of childrens laughter

covering my bloated torso in kalaidescope

colors of my sullied past

making me remember when I wanted

nothing more than my fathers forgiveness.

they all say I'm crazy.

Am I my mother?

She wanted to die too

drowning in a cherry pool of

lies and witches spells

transmuting gold to shit

just to annoy their kinder bretheren

the ones who practice genocide

in the name of the holiest of holy

the one who cast out the liberator

for nothing more than wanton pride,

as some wayward souls feel.

Sometimes I think theyre right.

Am I a brother?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes I feel like I'm being tested for shits and giggles. Sometimes I feel there's nothing making the tests.

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