It is what it is,

anf will never change.

frozen time beckons the

hearts of the hardy and

souls of the confused to

create or destroy, a future

never imagined in their quietest dreams.

One day, one page at a time

black ink running through blue lines

and bleeding into a

rorschach picture depicting the

qualities of all youve ever wanted.

Golden sand pours forht from

my eyes wide open, trying

to take a deeper breath than

needed while steeling myself

to plunge into the unknown

a writhing sea of photons

pulling me down into the deep

and asking me to forgive them

for their unruly haste.

Of course I do, for moments are what I make them.

So play the hand youre dealt?


I got an ace up my sleeve.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dunno if I even have hope

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