Sell You Light

I gorge myself on the sorrow

that threatens to snap and rend

my brittle blackened bones

by ensnaring my writhing body

with a jagged mishmash

of snarling appendages complete

with rows of obsidian teeth.

I consume the rabid hate

that tries to overwhelm me

and burns as an inferno

in the depths of my belly

low, cold, and alone.

I snack on the delight

that my younger self held so dear

and lost sight of as times firm hand

pushed and pulled the very fabric of my being

into a shape I never imagined possible.

I eat the shame that rains

down upon my bowed and beaten brow

brought about by the travesty I committed

in the wake of trying to run away

from the mirror held up to my twisted face

by a society that claimed

I'll never, ever succeed at blazing a new path.

I'm so fat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

need more snacky cakes!

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