Sun and Moon

Blazing glory in my sky

spiraling shafts of golden love

I hope you will forever be mine

until its time to rise above

I borrow form your warming light

for I am your counterpart

you make me whole in the night

and give reason for this stacatto heart.

trees of life abound from you

a gift I hope to give as well

I leave behind the morning dew

as my doubts and fears you always quell.

A thousand rainbows streak my soul

painted colors of your blue-gray eyes

even though mine are black as coal

you make me feel as if I could fly.

A gentle touch is all I ask

I hope its not a bit too much

for you are my sun, exploding mask

and I know its your task to love as such.

So run away, run away

shine your brilliance beautiful and red

I'll wait for your return, another day

and grace you with fleeting hope instead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

second I wrote for my new girl. she loved this one too!

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