Tossed about in a blue-gray sea

A burning flag torn

by opulences greedy hands

preying on the weak

and myopic ones in a land apart

the ones that obliterated their

timelines forever for an iron horse

and a few extra skulls with which

to build thier thrones.

But I digress; such notions are for another time

as we have come to the matter at hand;

the matter of the inevitable and the constant,

brought to bear by those meant to

confront the dangers of this turbulent universe

together, hand in hand; brothers in arms.

As we gaze at the portrait of these two,

we may learn nothing, but we are told everything.

One, crying with hushed screams for

the freedoms he so cleverly denies those

he believes lesser for their missteps

in the never distant enough past.

Dark red blood sullies his death-pale hands,

blood form the re-opened wounds of the sire

of a wayward child who made the mistake

of wishing to know the world beyond

the dying sun and verdant fields

where he spends his sullen days

and dreams away his lonely nights.

Such barbaric behavior beckons

the righteous ire of his compatriot,

the one who helped build the

world in which they live, all

while searching for another people to destroy.

While perhaps a bit more refined and

resolute in his calls for justice,

this fellow is no saint to sinners.

His hand has been forced, making

him a second coming of Cain,

although this time his pleas for

an accepted offering were taken

by the savior that adorns his walls

with grace and poise.

So what was it that tore these two apart?

Was it scorn? Hate? Mistrust?

What was it that whispered so

quietly in their ears to place their

hands about the others' throat?

Surely their father weep with

newly rent hearts, as their

renegade offspring find nothing

better than to kill one another

over a squabble on how to grow.

Will the fallen rise again?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Civil War poem. Also, there is a song reference contained within. If you find it, I will still do nothing, but you can feel good about yourself.

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