Eternal Damnation

I refuse to compromise

to throw away this life

I'd rather have tears in these eyes

than toil away in strife.

My destiny beckons loud

calling my forgotten name

my fears gather like thunderclouds

threatening to drown me with rain.

I'm so afraid I'll be a nothing

a drone working for the queen

I'll fall asleep while I'm loving

tomorrows useless scene.

I just want to jam so hard

to sing my spirit true

and peice together these broken shards

and find the final clue

to why I can never finish

the story of olden times

when my sorrows had been diminished

and I thrived in verdant climes

I refuse to give in

and become one of the damned

so I'll give God a crooked grin

and continue to run my sham

eternally playing flams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

self doubt rising. also, I may be here ten years. Fuck.

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