Into the cold

hand in hand we flee

escaping into the black

following the queens decree

slipping through the cracks

long crimson locks flowing in the wind

we sprint away from the damned

and while I'm sure betrayal tends

to shorten your time's sands

i refuse to lust for power

or even loving glance

one day they all will cower

when I'm given my chance

I'll slay them all one by one

after my loves will is done

a new era of life's begun

so hand in hand we run, we run.

the land of frost beckons clear

pulling on my heart

some will die quaking with fear

some minds will be torn apart

but I know this decisions right

I feel it in my soul

I refuse to lose my sight

of the ultimate goal.

To burn them all like coal.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song for my band.

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