moving throught he balckened night

flowing cross eaves and rooftops

trying to stay out of sight

avoiding vigilant cops

grab the dagger, dont he cloak

ahadowstep through the glass

hiding within swirling smoke

get in and out in a flash


they all depend on me

the one without a name

soon they all shall see

I refuse to play their game


sultan enters, flanked by giants

it is time to eavesdrop now

he resides in parts of land defiant

soon the fart one will lose his crown

they talk of death, laugh at life

as if his own matters not

tehy act as if the rampant strife

is nothing but fleeting rot.


The gold is on a ship

travelling to Jarrar

the sultan made his slip

his riches wont get far.


Theyve found me

roaring tiger gaurds

slasshing cross my eyes

barely get out alive


Reporting back to the crew

smiles cross every face

if only theyr really knew

that they dont belong in this place

so we'll sal away into the dawn

burning for another raid

strking quick, unholy hellspawn

the debts we run up never paid.

the fortunes better men have made.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song for my band.

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