Council of Brent

Old man lies in his decrepit corner

wearing a mask of serenity

his countenance never grows any warmer

yet we never doubt his divinity

we quest for our future, he asks for a buck

placing our lives in his hands without a seconds care

we know if we believe him we're pressing our luck

as he regards us with a demons blank milky stare

Reality warps as he tells us

our crew all fall through his eyes

of the tradgedies that have befelled us

under these great storm blackened skies

he says the demons blade lies in wait

for the one chosen to save her

but for those who test their state

will be destined for hells labor

the disfigured one wishes for power

ill gotten by deadly sacrifice

he will willingly scorch the flower

after sailing the blood red river thrice

the man with tow minds may fall

victim of his own flask

on the demons blade you must call

if you wish to complete your task

so sail on, defy the gallows

meet the wonders of your fate

but beware the man of shadows

for he is nothing but hate.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song for my band

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