Pidgey Used Whirlwind!

Walking down this beaten path

of champions and heartbreak

I search the tall grass for remnants

of fire, water, earth and wind

the elements that rage within me.

I lock eyes with a fellow

traveler of the forgotten way

and we throw our lives away

for a chance of glory in the next city

and a few bones in our pockets.

For we belong to the pantheon of the brave

those who deliver the world from evil

just to give our offspring another

chance at the life of the carefree adventurer.

So we Fly over verdant hills

we Flash to see in darkened caves

we cut to slide through hushed forests

and we Surf to access remote islands

only to expand our knowledge of

the life of one we call friend, devotee, and protector.

One day I know I'll defeat the four

and find the answer that will

never be found in the grass in which my destiny lies;

why ny father, the orchestrator before me

left before I was ready.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's super effective!

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