Empty Barrel

I've got a hollow heart

thats been torn apart

by the talons of your beast.

My thoat is scratched

my eyes mismatched

as my screams for forgiveness cease.

I've been bled dry

slashed by the lies

that spill forth from your hands

my thoughts comandeered

and rendered so weird

as you ruin our newly made plans.

I thought you wanted forever

a timeline now severed

as you wander out into the rain

can you recieve what I give

or are you only a sieve

that catches naught but my pain.

I've got a hollow soul

stumbling like a new foal

turned black by your spite

I really dont know what youre doing to me

is it true if I love you I should set you free?

Please tell me so I can sleep tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Heartbroken. Making lots of noise


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