So tired of fighting a useless battle

conscripted since the day I was born

surrounded by echoes of sullied prattle

cortices languished, ligaments torn

wandering blindly like lance driven cattle

lowing so softly, haunches are branded

chains clamped round my neck are rattled

yet the wolves hang back, cant understand it

I'm defenseless, yet they merely watch from the shadows

chops dripping crimson, growl in the throat

lift my chin up in an attempt of bravado

the point weakens and wobbles, not one to gloat

why can't I love him? Its all that he's asked

to return in kind such undeserved blessings

my back turned away, moment has passed

black wounds are festering, seeping through dressings

air in my lungs so soupy and rank

breath smells of death, lies on the tongue

tears streaming down, knife in the flank

red spilling forth, guess my time has come.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in jail

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