Losing Day

Oh the mistakes I've made, all the days I hate

Asking again for a third clean slate

lungs burning hot from the breath I bate

praying that a second time I'm not too late

on thin ice I skate, spiderweb cracks translucent

water below freezing, a breath so new, pent

up and laid out a misty future screwed hence

no story untold if I throw in my two cents

I've whitewashed your blue fence, no Tom or Jim

enticing me with trickery, lies wearing thin

the moral of your quaint tale that the foolish sin

with no fear of repentance that they have to spend

to whom can I lend this broken shoulder to cry on

will he really let bygones be bygones

or will the fresh kicks that he let me try on

stick to a crooked path, falling out the sky, on

to a garden terrace, so verdant and green

a place I've forgotten, so rarely seen

the knowledge tree overbearing fruit I can glean

take a bite acrid juices rouses me from the dream

so how long can I flee, when does the road end

does it quit in a taper or is the edge sudden

if I fall what will catch me, concrete or sod

will my soul be contracted to Satan or God

I hope its the former, its what I deserve

as a liar, a cheat, a thief and referred

to the gates of Tartarus, pits of fire

I cant say its not what I've always desired.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in jail

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