I'm a beast of burden, slaving cross these desert sands

piled packs upon my back, to ferry cross this broken land

brow is beaten down to dust, lash of whips across my hands

crackled groan escapes my lips, must give in to their demands

jeering faces swim before me, vision slanted shadows long

domineering curses raining, spouted by their hateful throng

they try my every moral fiber, knowing that I'm not too strong

to keep from falling to temptation, joining in their warbled song

the sun drops low and the sky burns red, cloaking in a crimson haze

the sweat streams off my tired head, walking over forty days

trail covered by rakig winds, moving through this flattened maze

shuffling behind shackled kin, the king behind us collects his pay

man of the caravan, what questions rise upon your lips

time stretches to a daunting span, flies surround in tiny blips

sand slipping through the hourglass, waiting for one of us to slip

and punish all for his mistake, lengthening this awful trip

the air turns black and cold to touch, silken thread upon the loom

prayers for raina bit too much, never answered and second too soon

continue on this fated slag, marching forth unto our doom

reah the crest, broken crag, shafted by a yellow moon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in jail


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