A blundering quadriped of staggering enormity

crashes through the remnants of a forest fire.

Dirty soot blows on a rancid breeze

high thin notes of blackened fauna permeates the air

the milky orbs of light catchers are sheathed in velvet

held shut by silver staples struck down by rusty hammers

of the sledge variety

Sluggish steps drag through crackling mud

thunderous echoes resound over purple mountains

of refuse and rubbish, candy wrappers and old shoes

smelling of lost love, a mangy cur searching for home

tracing wandering circles about a verdant meadow

the howl to the moon is broken by return calls

as a wounded alpha male wastes away

abandoned by his pride and joy

they push on, under the shadow of the giant

and come upon a little burg

filled with scurrying little grey men

their throats ripped away from their hands

their blood runs yellow

as the charred forest sways.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in jail. dunno what its abiout.

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