Why does she love me?

Its not as if I'm that great a person.

No knight in shining armor.

I'd run away the ladies shirtless

despite my loving ardor.

I just don't understand

when my heartbeat did flips

how from taking her hand

a fire was lit.

I used no tinder nor flint

just some empty words

all my love has been spent

trying to escape from the herd

that says our love is not real

just a fleeting whim

but when they finish their spiel

I give them all a grin

because even though she knows my secret

she didnt turn and run

I hope its not a decision she comes to regret

throwing spiteful oaths at the sun

Im trying to love her the best I can

even though they say I shouldnt

time slips away like grains of sand

I try to remember but knew I couldnt

reconcile with those I hurt

in the days I was falling apart at the seams

our kisses will remain lovely, if curt

so I guess I'll forever be chasing her dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So very sad

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