Love Transcends Law

There is a time in your life

if everything goes right

when rules no longer matter.

The laws of physics are warped

quantum mechanics fall by the wayside.

All that remains is the unquenchable

thirst to drink in the love

of the one you hold deepest

in the recesses of your heart.

Sometimes it seems as if

the heavens themselves want

to deny your humble request

at a pinch of true happiness.

I know that life is unfair

and that nature doesnt care

about the whims of one lonely man

but cant I win the game

or at least score a point

just this once?

I'm not asking for much

just to kiss her lovely under

a starless sky in the

dead of night and stoke

a fire in the depths of her soul.

It may sound a bit fanciful

but really its the most basic request

of a virile man.

Fuck the staff.

They cant hold us prisoner

when there is love to be had.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want to love my lady and it is so hard to do so. Fuck this place.

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