Fueled By Famine

My brain rumbles like thunder

Walking in the aftermath

the winds will tear me asunder

slaughtering the fatted calf

for a feast I'll never have.

Hunger pains setting in

bread and nectar wont fill my heart

water slaughing off my skin

holding my possessions in a broken cart

losing hope from the very start

the ground is cold and hard to touch

welcome sleep will never come

trying to forget my past too much

the current wars all strike me dumb

sticking out a leprous thumb

to meet the kindest of the horde

that decend upon my fathers halls

with glinting metal bloody swords

blackening my bedroom walls

with lightening beckoned from swirling squalls

I ask for nothing yet I want it all

to be a king for just a day

ignoring Gods gentle call

to my family's dismay

in darkness I'll forever stay

my stomach twists at the sight of you

the one I think that I love

I still have the picture that you drew

colors touched by angels above

wanting more than a simple hug.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sickness and love

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