Crimson haired Siren

Violent swells bash my vessel

threatening to destroy us.

What we need is a miracle

a way out the clutches of

this stormy expanse of dethsupport

yet I refuse to pray to the skywizard.

Pride is a bitch.

The seas calm and I regain my bearings.

Beautiful notes caress my ears

promising a lifetime of hope and love.

Then I see her.

Her skin is pale and smooth as pearls.

her hair is vibrant as the setting sun.

She is lithe, lush, lovely.

In short, beautiful.

"Oy!" I cry. "What is thy name, so I may properly

address the savior of my broken heart?"

She merely smiles and continues to sing.

Her voice is smooth and golden as honey.

Her allure is utterly compelling;

I wish to abandon ship, crew and mission

to gain an iota of time with the vixen.

My heart is stolen, never again to be mine.

All for a song,

all for hazel eye,

all for lucious curve.

I lean close and she gnashes pointed teeth,

severing the life from my throat

pulling me to the cold embrace

of a watery grave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ahh, my hubris. And noobery with girls

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