Walking down this deserted road

perusing the trail of tears

trying to crack the creators code

am I wiser than his years?

Dusty sand blows in my eyes

trees bending to the wind

the sun sets in a blood red sky

the night will soon begin

the time of danger for the weary

at the mercy of vicious bandits

I try to keep myself from fearing

that my wathered soul can stand it

beaten down by inner beasts

those who dwell in the dark

upon my sanity they feast

forever hungry like a shark

in the meadow I pitch my tent

rain comes driving through it

wallowing in the clutch of embarassment

because Ive forgotten how to do it

ask for help from air divine

the walkers amid the stars

pray for any helpful sign

that I'll wash away these scars

given to me by those who say

theyre travelers just like me

but I know that by the dawn of day

I will remain so lonely.

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