Im finally free!

I know that I was wrong

I know that I'm a liar

I know I'm not too strong

to brave hellish pits of fire.

I know I said I'd call you

I know I never did

though a hundred beauties befall you

I ran away and hid.

I can only express my love in secret

in the voids of cyberspace

ever since the very day we met

I couldnt say it to your face.

I know my words were empty

the promises are broken

together we were sinning

breaking vows unspoken

You told me that you cheated

I felt so empty inside

my trust in you deleted

a crushing blow to pride

you said it was a problem of neglect

a claim I cant refute

so afraid that you'd reject

mannerisms flames of old found cute.

I dont know if I'll miss you

on the day you take your leave

but I know I'll never kiss you

yet in love I still believe

I never showed you the words of my soul

the tears I shed in ruin

behind the eyes as black as coal

I dont know what I'm doing.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got dumped. best thing ever! Then she kinda took me back. Meh.

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