Shy Guy

I never know what to do or say

When near someone so lovely

All I can do is plead and pray

that with barbed toungues you will cut me.

I'm a shy guy

but i dont wear a mask

I'm a shy guy

drinking from a golden flask

and I fly high

lifting from the floor

spread my wings and soar

into the nighttimes core

my hands are clammy, pulse is fast

my forehead is adorned with sweat

I wish I had a bowl of grade A grass

so then I'd feel as if we never met

the staff said you are trouble

but I ignore the signs

burning internal struggle

i want to make you mine

My visions blurry, tears are hot

Im weeping and I dont know why

my pride was stolen, illicitly bought

I wish the thief would curl up and die.
I'm a shy guy

but I dont wear a hood

I'm a shy guy

so very misunderstood

and I sigh/cry

within your piercing sight

such a vicious bite

I escape into the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So much fear

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