I am not a sad sack

I just feel too much

My clothes arent all black

Its just my skin as such

I listen to the metal!

to seal away the pain

high pitched screams like a kettle

will garner you no fame

a cacophony of vision

assaulting my senses

split my soul, nuclear fission

breaking rose-colored lenses

no-one cares about my drumming

they just love my quick fingers

but when my sticks get to humming

the applause always lingers

I fall asleep in this hole

the cell of the damned

as my life's path unfolds

I draw a line in the sand

I slit both my wrists

let the blood flow like a river

curl my fingers into fists

and soon I'll be a giver

I think Im gonna die tonight

singing the swan song of the lost

the noose around my neck pulls tight

the bearer of first frost.

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