Gone Forever

When I found out you were gone

I wanted them to kill me.

But alas, escaping my fate

was never going to be so easy.

Instead, I was forced to relive

the action of your absence as daily

as Prometheus lost his innards to an eagle.

I wonder if he repented his foolishness.

I tried, but my pleas were lost amid

a turmoil of white noise and black space.

I loved you more than anything in this world

yet I destroyed that bond we forged

in a moment lost to the flames of insanity.

Will my actions be pardoned?

Or will they haunt me with every faltering step

I take on this path overgrown with poison thorns?

All I ever wanted was to make you proud;

to show you I could make my own way as a man.

Instead I let you down forever.

I'll never forget that last look you gave me;

three second of confusion, of pain, of fear.

I hope the suffering was swift.

I never mean to cause you pain; yet I did

with every waking breath.

I'm so very sorry.

I raise your name to the heavens, hoping the gods

will pity your plight and disdain for their kind;

after all, youre only man;

and I am my fathers' son.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I miss my dad.

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