Argyle Ninja!

I'll stalk you in the blackest night

I sleep throughout the day

Louminous visage is my sight

I'm a diamond patterned ratlesnake

There's deadly venom in these fangs

Speed rushing through these veins

Some people say that I'm deranged

Some people make lives on my name.

Bushido is my holy creed

Seppeku my last resort

Killing is my greatest need

But I never do it for sport.

Fief lords all tremble in fear

When they hear about my calling

My aim is true, my sight is clear

Soon they'll all be falling

into a pool of their acidic blood

mark of their foolish pride

open the gates, let out the flood

under these darkened skies.

I am the mirror into their past

the ender of their future

I cross the river, die is cast

Serving the prime mover.

I'll follow you till the end of time

till I complete my mission

I'll slaughter you like filthy swine

And collect all my commision.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Speaker of the dead

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