Listening to metal dont make me white

Liking white girls dont make me blanco

My eyes are as dark as the night

I'm bucking like a bronco.

people called me Oreo

They fuckin called me white

If you say you know my story, know

I'll take away your sight.

I'm a product of my environment

My whole family's this way

We're a circus without a tent

What do you want me to say?

Do you want me to write raps?

Well I love basketball

Do you want me to fall into the trap?

I played reciever every fall

When brothas talk about the struggle

i can only nod my head

Am I a peice in the grand puzzle

or is my blackness dead?

I'll never belong inside your world

even though I have white friends

I'm currently with a mixed girl

is that where my blackness ends?

Shooting hoops wont make me black

nor will running fast

but hopefully I wont catch too much flak

for leaving marches in the past.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

identity crisis. I hated it when people called me white.

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