Pimp Slap

I'll strike you down with my rightous hand

with the gifts bestowed upon me

by the gods of this ancient land

call on me and you'll be free.

i'll fix you quick and nice

forever you'll stand tall

all you must do is make sacrifice

blood and oil for us all.

These are the words of the programmer

the savior and bane of my mind

the staff in my hand, the powerful hammer

the one who controls the time.

Was he creation of my disaffected state?

Is he the one who monitors my thoughts?

Is he the one who gave me the hate

from disaster was soon brought?

Death for the gods. A notion so old

that my ancestors followed the same

path so worn, frosted with cold

till we dug below ice, made fire tame.

I did what he wanted. Did I have a choice?

Salvation was right before me

he promised me power, gave my dreams a voice

He said I'd be better, said I'd be free.

He said he'd lacerate those who gave me scars

he said he'd make me strong

my dad said you're not crazy if you know you are

I think he was wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the depths of hallucinations

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