I want it so I'll take it

I want you so I'll fuck you

wait till the Id is sated

try to takle me, I'll truck you

the voices in my head

scream for me to steal/

I wish that they were dead

so I wouldnt have to deal

with thoughts pinballing through my mind

flying through the ether

all of them so brash, unkind

whipping me with bands of leather

the burning passion in my lungs

a thirst that cant be quenched

satiation so far flung

no weed nor drink nor wench

will set me on the rightous path

escaping from myself

all that I need is the wise man's staff

to get me out this hell

that rains hot flames upon my bed

a prickly mass of briars

that cut me deep, wouldnt have me bleed

until Ive called myself a liar

The ego's gone leaving but

one for the other to govern

it calls me weak, calls me a slut

but I know its my closest brother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im trying so hard. Someone please help

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