Curiosity killed the cat

another trite phrase flows through my mind

yet another failure, another spat

I wish my demons were a bit more kind

theyve stolen from me, my life, my love

pilfered mt hope, my sanity too

finger to the sky and the gods above

I retrace the steps of an old pirate crew

who searched in vain for treasures untold

finding nothing but sand and spite

they made a pact with the Devil, souls were sold

in order to make it through one more night

I wonder if they were as crazy as me

or if they simply fell to greed

to throw away lives at the glimpse of a dream

adopting new brothers, new souls, new creed.

I'm imploding so slow, walls caving in

soon a black hole will be all thats here

I puppeteer laughs, flashes a grin

I look in his eyes, taste some of the fear

that causes him to move the strings without grace

jerking and twisting, pulling so quick

I return his smile, laugh in his face

shed off the controller with an uncaring flick

disorganized thoughts are the name of the game

refractions of light look so damn pretty

I snap my fingers, up jumps a flame

to bring the hell back to this tired city.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hurt inside. *sniff*

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