Watered Down

medication hits my brain, my cranium explodes

there's hate in these veins, I'm in a different mode

writhing in pain, left out in the cold

All the songs sound the same, its Metallica's Load

Don't drop the soap, don't eat the Snickers

its true that I hope you don't have a bad ticker

cuz your heartrate'll soar when you see this girl's thicker

than caramel candies, I'll let ya pick her

Did I do that? In the words of the nerd

I've found that my thoughts are baseless, absurd

They've shattered my teeth, stomped me on the curb

but they'll all grow back, even the thirds

Whern I self medicated things were much worse

I thought I was doomed, thought I was cursed

I reveled in sin, burned down the church

Always was laughing, yet lacking the mirth

It made for good art, I have to admit

when I feel better I'm churning out shit

So I guess I'll relapse, go on take a hit

and taste the grey in which magic does flit

Walk to the window, down all the pills

Lose all my edge, my drive, my skills

sink into nothingness, I've ate my fill

of my cannibal brother, who went in for the kill

My pulse is static, my blood is ice

Death seems so alluring, the end seems so nice

But I've heard the afterlife aint all sugar and spice

So I think I'll march on, never give up the fight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dunno what I'm doing.

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