Minor Hair Injuries

Humor is the salve of the soul.

Without it, life would surely be dour.

peoples would traverse their chosen paths listlessly,

and impotence would reign supreme.

This is why I listen to such bands as

Dethklok, Horse the Band, Austrian Death Machine, and Alestorm.

With song titles such as Hatredcopter, Manateen, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and Wneches & Mead,

hilarity entwines with precise musicianship.

When you take yourself too seriously,

its sometimes better to find someone

who doesnt take you seriously at all.

Therefore balance is made, and your fingertips

can brush the underside of cumulonimbae

with feet planted in the mire of everyday drudgery.

The funniest book I''ve ever read was

The Joy of Work by the DIlbert guy.

I read it while incarcerated.

before opening the tome, I was depressed,  lost, hateful, rueful.

After finishing, life seemed worth living again.

Somehow, some way, humor saved me from myself.

I often wonder what wouldve happened

if I responded with humility rather than rage

on the day I desptroyed everything,

Would I still be lost? High? Dead? Alive?

All I know now is that to make up

for the wrongs I've wrought, I must serve.

I hope I think of something cool to say

when I die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bit on humor and other random crap. Dilbert is da shiz

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