Chris Adler Beats the Hell out his Crashes

My mom tells me to play softer.

I ignore her.

She tells me not to listen to music so loud.

I crank it up to max.

In desperation, she spells out my faults.

"But mom!" I cry. "Look at Chris Adler!"

"You can't be him," she replies. "Be your own person."

At this, I am at aloss for words.

I idolize him along with Brann Dailor, Gar Samuelson, Nick Menza, Gene Hoglan, Nicko McBrain.

They are my gods.

For the longest time, I wondred what it felt like to be idolized.

Now I know, with the growth of my cousin.

She analyzes my moves, questions my motives.

She even started playing drums because of me.

It feels super weird.

I want to coach her, teach her, guide her.

I want to be the father figure she never had,

even though I remain in the springtime of youth.

I hope I have not squandered the chance

by parlaying these foolish decisions.

I know the love she feels for me is genuine.

I know she looks up to me, for whatever strange reason.

I hope that one day I can reveal the truth to her;

the illness I battle every day.

Maybe, with her help, I'll become the man I'm supposed to be.

Until then just a little advice;

An instrument is like a woman;

meant to be loved, not beaten.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

trying to get ma skillz back.

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