Pope Hat

I wonder why the President has to be Christian.

In this supposed age of progressivism and acceptance

we apparently celebrate free thinkers.

Yet so often we seem to reside in the Dark Ages

where left handers are considered the spawn of evil

and those who are different are left to the cold.

We call Muslims a menace. Atheists are insane.

And don't get anyone started on Mormons,

the red-headed stepchild they seem to be.

I remember when I told my Christian family members

about my beliefs, my apparent radicalism.

I remember the shame in their eyes.

It hurt me deeply not to be accepted,

to be confused with some hateful warmonger.

i have no jihad to be faught, no cleansing to make.

The entire Earth is holy ground.

It's funny, two of my best friends are pastors' kids.

Hell, one of them is a campus minister.

Theyve tried to evangelize me forever, leading me

to question what I believe to be truth and lie.

Even my father lied to me all those years.

I thought this was America, the melting pot.

Where legend and fable blend with science and rationalism.

Alas, we become so irrational at the slightest hint of religion,

believer or not.

We could never avoid it at our dinner table.

nay, we plunged into the depths of metaphysics with gusto,

It made my mom uncomfortable.

I thought it fun.

Isn't the afterliife supposed to be?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeking so damn directionless, its crazy.

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